we buy all type of iron scrap in bulk quantity in Delhi NCR

Iron Scrap

Today Iron scrap is very needed in our world for recycling and making it iron scrap to new iron ingot it has become a very huge market in the world, today it’s not possible to survive without iron and best thing is that recycling of iron scrap helps us to to make our environment balanced.

we by all type of iron scrap like cast iron scrap, angle iron scrap, Gator iron scrap, Saria iron scrap, rolling miles scrap, waste Pipe iron scrap and much more so if you have any stock of iron scrap so please contact us to sell it and put your little step to keep your environment green and balanced.

Why US?

1.   We collect your  e-waste and Cast Iron scrap at your door step like home, office, factory and company.
2.   We give payment through cheque or cash on the spot than we pick up scrap.
3.   We give highest price value in market.
4.   We have very expirianced and well menered staff.
5.   We give first priority to our customers.

How you can get your stock of Iron scrap recycled with good values of money?

1.    You may contact 9891821921 – 9810263724 by giving your request for recycling waste iron scrap scrap.
2.    Your goods should be handed over only to our authorized recycler for disposal.
3.    You can leave an email :- abmscrap@gmail.com or leave message on whatsApp at 9891821921 – 9810263724