we are bluk buyer of paper scrap in delhi NCR

Paper Scrap

we buy all type of waste Paper Scrap (Raddi) like news paper, file records, office xerox paper scrap, paper shredding scrap we have direct links with paper mils so we can give you best price for paper scrap.

Why US?

1.   We collect your stock of Paper (Raddi) scrap at your door step like home, office, factory and company.

2.   We give payment through cheque or cash on the spot than we pick up scrap.

3.   We give highest price value in market.

4.   We have very expirianced and well menered staff.

5.   We give first priority to our customers.

How you can get your stock of Paper ( Raddi) Scrap recycled with good values of money?

1.    You may contact 98918219219810263724 by giving your request for recycling Paper (Raddi) scrap.

2.    Your goods should be handed over only to our authorized recycler for disposal.

3.    You can leave an email :- abmscrap@gmail.com or leave message on whatsApp at 98918219219810263724