rubber scrap buyer in delhi NCR

Rubber & Tyre Scrap

we buy all type of rubber and tyre scrap in Delhi/NCR if you want to sell your tyre scrap stock so please think before sell it because most of the dealer sell their rubber and tyre scrap to Bricks Manufacturers (Bhatta) and factories for burning tyre scrap which make huge polution that is very bad for our environment but we directly supply waste tyre scrap to tyre Recycling Plant only who has green licence to make environment clean and green.
we deal in :-
bulk quantity of waste rubber & tyre scrap.
rubber tyre scrap with and without iron ring.
Nylon Tyre scrap
radial tyre scrap

Why US?

1.   We collect your tyre scrap at your door step like factory and company.
2.   We give payment through cheque or cash on the spot than we pick up scrap.
3.   We give highest price value in market.
4.   We have very experienced and well mannered staff.
5.   We give first priority to our customers.

How you can get your Tyre and Rubber scrap stock recycled with good values of money?
1.    You may contact 9891821921 – 9810263724 by giving your request for recycling tyre Scrap.
2.    Your goods should be handed over only to our authorized recycler for disposal.
3.    You can leave an email :- or leave message on whatsapp at 9891821921 – 9810263724